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The Global Bakery Processing Equipment Market is Expected to Fluff with Profit by 2028

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TheBakery Processing Equipment Marketis worth around USD 11.2 Billion in 2021 and will almost be USD 16.8 Billion by 2028, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.3%. Due to the increased demand for fresh bread and other bakery items, artisan bakeries are becoming increasingly popular. The growing number of in-store bakeries, such as those found in supermarkets and hypermarkets, is also propelling the bakery processing equipment industry. Globally, the retail food market has grown significantly in recent years. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are quickly expanding and focusing on enhancing the customer 10;Installing automated bakery processing equipment is increasing overall production. Furthermore, the online meal ordering trend has prompted foodservice operators to invest in machinery and systems that can give speedy baking results. Established food processors, including bakery factories, require significant financial inputs to construct machine lines to produce specialised or new baking items.

The bakery processing sector has lately seen technical advancements in the assembly line of bakery processing equipment. This has also aided in the large-scale manufacture of complicated and creative bread items, lowering capital manufacturing costs. The market's leading companies are embracing innovative technologies such as WP intelligent energy control (IEC), automated spray systems, and reflective coatings. This allows for more inventive designs, simpler methods, faster manufacturing, and capacity expansion. Although upgrading obsolete machinery boosts productivity, it also has an impact on the company's fixed cost structure. The installation of new machinery entails hefty installation expenses as well as ongoing maintenance expenditures. Small and medium-sized firms are unable to invest large sums in the installation of bread processing equipment. The market is hampered by a lack of infrastructure support in emerging markets. To promote the growth of the food processing sector in these rising economies, areas such as cold chain and transportation infrastructure demand investment. Despite the fact that the material and labour costs are minimal, the investment expenses provide a greater problem. Automated bakery machinery is used in industrial bakeries, whilst smaller baking equipment is used in artisanal bakeries. As a result of the increased need for bakery processing equipment, even with a limited output volume of bakery items, these mini-enterprises thrive.

The ovens and proofers sector, is expected to have the biggest market share in 2021. Ovens and proofers are pieces of baking equipment that are primarily utilised in the manufacture of bakery goods. An oven is a closed cavity that heats, bakes, and transforms dough or baking batter into bread, cookies, or other bakery 10;In the European area, baking equipment manufacturers are concentrating on adopting creative and new technology for proofing bread and bakery 10;According to modern market and consumption trends, manufacturers provide ovens in a variety of forms and sizes to satisfy the diverse needs of clients all over the 160; In 2022, the bakery processing equipment industry category is expected to dominate the worldwide market. Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Japan are important players in this sector. Because of the rising need for specialised and creative bakery goods, China has been identified as a developing nation in the Bakery Processing Equipment Market in recent years.

The market's key players are - B├╝hler (Switzerland), GEA Group (Germany), The Middleby Corporation (US), JBT Corporation (US), Rheon Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd (Japan), Heat and Control, Inc. (US), Ali Group (Italy), Makel Food Group (US), Baker Perkins (UK), Gemini Bakery Equipment Company (US), Anko Food Machine Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), Global Bakery Solutions (UK), Allied Bakery Equipment (US), and Erica Record LLC (US)