Consumer Survey

Our Consumer Survey Analysis services include the development of custom questionnaires, programming, and hosting of online surveys, collection, and cleaning of survey data, detailed statistical analysis, and presentation of findings and recommendations. We use a variety of analytical techniques to understand consumer attitudes and behavior, including factor analysis, conjoint analysis, and segmentation research. Our team also has experience with more advanced analyses, such as choice-based conjoint analysis and latent class analysis. We will work with you to select the most appropriate analytical approach for your data and objectives.

We have years of experience in conducting consumer surveys for a wide range of businesses, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our team of experienced survey researchers will work with you to design a survey that meets your specific needs and objectives.

Case Study

Consumers are demanding so much more from their cosmetics products.

How can brands stay relevant today?

On the strength of shifting consumer preferences, such as those for sustainability, transparency, and personalization, the cosmetics industry is being forced to adapt. Tapping into social media trends is the key to identifying the investment pockets. Brands must understand consumers' needs and reactions to these developments.

A substantial change is taking place in the beauty sector. Consumers are increasingly looking for safer substitutes, with the use of natural components increasing and the use of chemical additions declining. As a result, in the upcoming year, we anticipate the emergence of several new trends.

Consumers are moving away from conventional additives like parabens and phthalates as they become more aware of the concerns connected with certain chemicals. Cancer and reproductive issues are frequently associated to these substances, respectively. As a result, customers are increasingly looking for secure substitutes for these dangerous compounds. The top 10 components we believe will become more popular in 2023 and onwards are….

You can get hands-on by just accessing our Consumer Behavior Analysis Report on Cosmetics Packaging. We have analyzed over 70,000 online consumer discussions to identify the top trends that will influence the cosmetics market's future to assist them in doing this.

Read the report to know:

  1. How to optimize your current product portfolio and unlock greater sales
  2. Emerging trends that we predict will define the landscape tomorrow
  3. Today's driving factors of change in the cosmetics industry
  4. Ingredients that are quickly gaining popularity