Industry Leaders and Emerging Players Shaping the Pharmacogenomics Landscape

Vantage Market Research

Apr 10, 2024

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces PangenomiX Array for Population-Scale Disease Studies and Pharmacogenomics Research

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled its latest breakthrough in genetic research with the launch of the Axiom™ PangenomiX Array. This cutting-edge array, the largest and most diverse to date, is designed to transform population-scale disease studies and pharmacogenomic research. Integrating four assays in one test, including SNP genotyping and whole genome copy number variant detection, this high-throughput array promises optimal genetic coverage for a wide array of research applications.

Through the PangenomiX Array, researchers have improved whole-genome imputation and a high level of diversity, essential for testing different ethnicities. This resource includes clinically relevant pharmacogenomic markers and pathogenic variants. It is set to promote inclusive research studies on disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and it has recently been used to analyze nearly half a million ethnically diverse samples.

Incite Health, Inc. Receives Approval for Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Testing Services

In a significant step towards personalized medicine integration, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has approved Incite Health, Inc. to offer pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing services. This approval signals an ideal shift in healthcare, offering customized medication management solutions based on individuals' genetic makeup.

Pharmacogenomics combines pharmacology with genomics, aiming to optimize drug therapy by considering genetic differences among individuals. This approval enables Incite Health to extend its PGx services across various sectors within the healthcare industry, from enhancing clinical trial safety to improving treatment efficacy in long-term care facilities. 

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Leads Precision Medicine Initiative with In-House Pharmacogenomics Testing

Nicklaus Children's Hospital has made an innovative step in precision medicine by providing clinical pharmacogenomic testing. Utilizing advanced solutions such as the Applied Biosystems™ PharmacoScan Solution, the hospital aims to provide personalized treatment plans based on individual genetic profiles.

Pharmacogenomics testing at Nicklaus Children’s ensures patients are prescribed the most effective medications with the fewest potential side effects. With an initial focus on oncology, neurology, and polypharmacy, the hospital's precision medicine program promises improved treatment efficacy and reduced risks for its patients.

Vantage market research forecasts a robust growth trajectory for the US Pharmacogenomics market, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% from 2024 to 2032. Driven by technological advancements, research, and strategic collaborations, this market is poised to reach USD 8.11 billion by 2032.

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