Trenitalia Unveils Virtual Reality Preview of New Intercity Notte Trains at Rome's MAXXI Museum

Vantage Market Research

Jul 01, 2024

Trenitalia, the primary train operator in Italy, recently introduced an innovative virtual reality (VR) experience to provide a sneak peek at its new Intercity Notte trains. This event was a highlight of FS Group’s Passenger Business Unit’s Summer Experience 2024, held at the National Museum of 21st Century Art (MAXXI) in Rome. This innovative approach to train marketing makes use of VR technology, which provides an immersive and interactive preview of the train's features and amenities without requiring a physical presence.

The VR experience allows individuals to explore the interiors of the new Intercity Notte trains in a highly unique and realistic manner. the new trains are comfortable and well-designed, and users can explore the compartments, look at the sleeping arrangements, and look at the sitting preparations. This technique not only attracts the eye of viable travelers but also gathers insightful input on the format and operation of the educate from interested parties and the general public. engaging the audience, gaining insights, and developing enthusiasm earlier of the trains' real establishing is a calculated strategy.

MAXXI underscores the mixture of modern technology and contemporary art, aligning with the progressive spirit of the museum. MAXXI, that is important for emphasizing artwork and architecture from the twenty-first century, offers the suitable placing for supplying modern transportation technology. Trenitalia's willpower to incorporating cutting-edge design and era into its offerings is demonstrated by using the area choice, which goals to enhance the entire journey revel in for its clients. Trenitalia is setting the usual for future technological integrations in the rail industry by showcasing a digital tour of the new Intercity Notte trains. that is similarly to showcasing the potential of virtual reality (VR) to alternate the way customers engage with and perceive transport services. The VR experience, which combines innovation with customer-centric strategies, is anticipated to garner a lot of attention and establish a new benchmark for train previews.

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