Pharmaceutical Filtration Market to Reach Valuation of USD 24.9 Billion by 2028 – Increasing Adoption of Single-Use Technologies Drives the Market

Vantage Market Research

Jul 01, 2022

In terms of revenue, the Global Pharmaceutical Filtration Market is expected to reach USD 24.9 Billion by 2028, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.20% from 2022 to 2028.

The increasing adoption of single-use technologies and advancement in nanofiber technology to drive possibilities of Nanofiltration are anticipated to augment the market's growth during the forecast period.

Key Highlights from Report:

  • The membrane filters segment is estimated to witness growth at the fastest Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) during the forecast period due to the increasing development of drugs and biologics companies. These companies are encountering collaborations and partnerships to secure the highest share in the market. The membrane filters are broadly used in the development and manufacturing processes, including sterile filtration and end-stage processes. Therefore, with the increase in the incidence of viral and chronic diseases, including anthrax, measles, influenza, tuberculosis, and chickenpox, the demand for advanced drugs and vaccines is anticipated to accelerate rapidly.

  • The ultrafiltration segment is estimated to expand significant share in 2021. This expansion is attributable to the lucrative growth owing to varied techniques in protein purification, vaccines, and antibody processes. The manufacturers are highly focused on delivering the demands of the needs of filtration processes in the healthcare industry. Manufacturers considerably use the technique for separating massive particles, including proteins and yeast, which are from a liquid feed stream. It is securing a significant share owing to its increasing utilization and added advantages.

  • is expected to grow at the fastest Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) during the forecast period. Due to the presence of many patients and the increasing production of vaccines in countries such as India and China, they contribute to the market's growth. However, China held the largest share in APAC for the Pharmaceutical Filtration market. This share is attributable to undeveloped market potential in the region.

Market Dynamics:

The increase in adoption of single-use technologies is anticipated to augment the growth of the Pharmaceutical Filtration market in near future. This growth is because the production of biopharmaceuticals is highly synchronized, with stringent sanitary and quality requirements for each phase of manufacturing. The assembling and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals exerting traditional equipment are highly complex and cost-intensive. Single-use technologies, including denominate disposables, have had a transformative impact on the development and production of biopharmaceuticals. Over the last decade, biopharmaceutical manufacturers have increasingly adopted single-use technologies (SUTs) to assure drug-pricing control to manage economic downturns and severe regulatory frameworks.

However, Nanofiltration membranes are a moderately new technology that links the gap between two well-established technologies, reverse osmosis, and ultrafiltration. The most crucial characteristic of nanofiltration membranes is their capability to permeate monovalent ions, including sodium chloride, through the membrane while rejecting divalent and multivalent ions, such as sodium sulfate. The flexibility of various possibilities for the use of nanofiltration in niche applications in multiple areas, especially in water and wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical & biotechnology, and food engineering. Nanofiltration membranes have been attractive separation process technologies that engage in the separation, concentration, and production of hormones & antibiotics.

North America is expected to hold a large share of revenue during the forecast period. The growing biopharmaceutical industry and the presence of advanced production facilities are factors that contribute to market growth across the region. In addition, factors such as technological advances, the presence of many outstanding players, and the increase in the production of generic medicines and biopharmaceutical products are expected to boost market growth.

Pharmaceutical Filtration Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by Filters (Membrane Filters, Depth Filters, Other), by Systems (Single-Use, Reusable), by Technique (Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration), by Type (Sterile Filtration, Non-Sterile Filtration), by Application (Final Product Processing, Raw Material Filtration, Cell Separation, Water Purification), by End Scale (Manufacturing Scale, Pilot Scale, R&D Scale), by Filtration Products (Filtration Assemblies, Filter Holders, Filtration Accessories), by Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa) - Global Industry Assessment (2016 - 2021) & Forecast (2022 - 2028)