INEOS Automotive Unveils INEOS Fusilier: A Versatile 4X4 with Dual Powertrain Options for Sustainable Off-Road Adventures

Vantage Market Research

May 20, 2024

INEOS introduces its newest automotive's vehicle, the INEOS Fusilier, marks a significant turning point in the business's efforts to produce high-performing, environmentally friendly cars. The Fusilier confirmed its product line with zero-emission model line, is proof of INEOS's dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation.

The INEOS Fusilier comes with two powertrain choices: an all-electric (BEV) option and a range-extender electric. This range-extender option incorporates a small petrol engine that serves as a generator to maintain the battery's charge level when external charging is unavailable. INEOS meets customer demands and advance decarbonization objectives by providing the substitute powertrain.

INEOS made the choice to provide a range-extending electric powertrain in addition to the all-electric alternative because electric vehicle faces the variety of usage conditions and infrastructure problems. Battery electric vehicles are great for short trips and in cities, range-extending electric vehicles are a great option for longer excursions as they deliver lower emissions without sacrificing performance.

INEOS's broader commitment to future decarbonization is evident not only in the development of the INEOS Fusilier but also in initiatives such as the Grenadier Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Demonstrator. The commercial viability of hydrogen fuel cell technology depends on infrastructure's ability to be refueled, highlighting the importance of technological innovation and infrastructure support in the search for sustainable transportation.

Market analysts at Vantage Market Research see significant potential for the Electric Vehicle Range Extender Market. Market analysts at Vantage Market Research see significant potential for the Electric Vehicle Range Extender Market. the increasing adoption of electric vehicles globally, driven by environmental concerns and government incentives, is fueling demand for range extender solutions to address range anxiety and enhance driving range.  The market for is growing as a result of partnerships and agreements between automobile manufacturers, tech companies. The sector is poised to witness 8.9% growth rate, reaching a staggering USD 2.79 Billion by 2032.

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