Scottish Water Proposes Innovative Water Treatment Works Using Ceramic Membrane Technology in Shetland

Vantage Market Research

Jun 06, 2024

Scottish Water has unveiled plans for a new Water Treatment Works (WTW) adjacent to its existing facility near Eela Water in Northmaven, Shetland. This project is a part of an ongoing effort to modernize the infrastructure that supplies drinking water to about 5,500 people in the north and west of the Mainland, as well as a number of important commercial and industrial locations. The proposed WTW is set to leverage ceramic membrane technology for water treatment, drawing water from both Eela Water and Roer Water located further north. This action demonstrates a planned shift in strategy toward cutting-edge filtration technologies to satisfy the region's rising need for safe and clean drinking water.

In a bid to streamline construction processes and minimize on-site disruption, Scottish Water plans to assemble and commission most of the new plant off-site before transporting it to Shetland in modular form. This strategy, implemented in partnership with RSE, a professional partner, not only improves operational effectiveness but also results in significant cost and carbon savings.

The existing water treatment plant, having served local communities for over 45 years, is poised for a significant upgrade aimed at ensuring the continued production of clear, fresh, and great-tasting drinking water for decades to come. The use of ceramic membrane technology demonstrates Scottish Water's dedication to use state-of-the-art approaches for water treatment facilities. In order to ensure the successful implementation of the new Water Treatment Works, Scottish Water is committed to interacting with the local community, promoting transparency, and resolving any issues as the project moves through the planning phase and beyond. This project is part of a larger movement to update water treatment facilities and use cutting-edge filtering technology in order to comply with changing environmental rules and water quality standards.

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