LG's Newest Digital Signage Unveiled at ISE 2024 Empower customers across various industries and sectors to establish Cohesive Digital Environments

Vantage Market Research

May 07, 2024

LG Electronics (LG) presented its state-of-the-art digital signage solutions at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, from January 30 to February 2. LG will introduce its extensive line-up of display solutions customized for retail, corporate, education, and hospitality sectors, encompassing Micro LED, All-in-One LED, Transparent OLED, and cloud management platforms. 

Within the largest booth at ISE 2024, LG showcases its MAGNIT line-up of micro LED displays, spanning various zones that depict diverse usage scenarios, including a digitalized control room, meeting space, luxury suite, and virtual production studio. LG's micro LED technology facilitates the creation of large-scale screens customizable to meet specific customer requirements and installation settings. Alongside remarkable picture quality boasting stunning colour accuracy and a wide viewing angle, LG's micro LED technology has undergone rigorous testing for surface flame spread and electromagnetic compatibility.

Tailored for conference rooms, the LG MAGNIT All-in-One offers front-mounted controls, integrated speakers, and a controller for effortless operation and convenience. LG's Micro LED solutions designed for corporate control rooms feature expansive screens and seamless monitoring capabilities. Similarly, LG MAGNIT for virtual production studios ensures precise image replication and compatibility with diverse filmmaking equipment. Additionally, LG's Micro LED displays for luxury suites utilize the α (Alpha) 9 AI processor to deliver captivating viewing experiences and picture quality optimized for content.

Within LG's expansive 1,728-square-meter booth, visitors can explore 'Kinetic LED', designed for versatile environments like shopping malls and airports. This captivating installation features a kinetic screen measuring 3,670 x 6,100 millimetres, accompanied by several large-size LED Fine Pitch displays (model LSBC019). Together, they showcase vibrant digital artwork that synchronizes with atmospheric music, offering an immersive experience.

The Luxury Suite provides exclusive cinematic viewing experiences featuring the 118-inch LG MAGNIT and UHD signage solutions in 49-, 55-, and 65-inch sizes, showcasing new art gallery-inspired picture-frame bezels available in three elegant colours. With Apple AirPlay compatibility, guests can seamlessly stream content from their iPhone or iPad to LG Hotel TVs, whether it's movies, shows, photos, personal videos, or games. Upon check-in, guests can securely pair their iPhone or iPad with the TV in their room for the duration of their stay by scanning a unique on-screen QR code, ensuring privacy and convenience.

The Corporate Zone features three LG MAGNIT displays, each serving distinct purposes: one suited for filming CEO speeches or commercials, another equipped with a detachable power supply unit for control room applications, and an All-in-One model with embedded controller and speakers tailored for meeting rooms. Additionally, showcased are the newly introduced 21:9 aspect ratio LED All-in-One display measuring 171 inches and the 21:9 aspect ratio LCD signage spanning 105 inches, ideal for widescreen video-conferencing platforms. These signage solutions are compatible with integrated offerings from LG's partners to address user-specific requirements.

The Education Zone showcases a digital classroom outfitted with LG CreateBoard interactive digital boards ranging from 55 to 86 inches. Educators can effortlessly upload class materials via its web browser and grant student access through QR codes. Particularly suitable for university film programs, the integrated solution for virtual production encompasses LED screens for showcasing digitally-rendered backgrounds, LG CreateBoard for interactive writing, and OLED displays for reviewing video footage.

Concurrently, analysts at Vantage Market Research anticipate significant expansion in the Digital Signage Market, fuelled by the increasing demand for digitalized promotion of products and services aimed at effectively engaging the target audience. The global digital signage market, valued at 24.2 billion in 2023, is expected to surge to 47.8 billion by 2032, reflecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9% from 2024 to 2032.

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