BENEO’s Orafti® β-Fit Earns Heart-Check Mark Certification

Vantage Market Research

Apr 04, 2024

BENEO announces the achievement of the American Heart Association’s prestigious Heart-Check mark certification for its Orafti®β-Fit wholegrain barley flour. This certification reflects Orafti®β-Fit's accordance to the American Heart Association's stringent nutritional compliance, claiming its high-quality nutritional profile. Denisse Colindres, Nutrition Communication Manager of North America at BENEO expresses his pride in this achievement and points out how the Heart-Check mark simplifies consumers' choice by making it easy to choose products with superior health characteristics.

Rising Consumer Demand for Heart Health Products

The demand for heart health products is on the rise, with two-thirds of North American consumers expressing interest in such products, regardless of specific health concerns. The market potential for innovative product development that delivers tangible health benefits is underlined by this trend. Manufacturers are increasingly in a position to launch new products with proven heart healthy ingredients such as beta glucans, given the increasing preference of consumers towards cardiovascular health.

Orafti®β-Fit: A Pioneer in Heart Health Innovation

Orafti®β-Fit sets a new standard in heart health innovation with its 100% wholegrain barley flour formulation, boasting a remarkable 20% beta-glucan fiber content. In order to address the need for convenient solutions to improve heart health through nutrition, this innovation is in line with consumer preferences for natural and plant-based products. Additionally, Orafti®β-Fit's substantial fiber content offers benefits for digestive health, further enhancing its appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Beta Glucan Market

Despite the immense potential of beta-glucans in promoting heart health, challenges such as limited consumer awareness persist. However, with increasing demand for natural and functional ingredients there are many opportunities. Key market players like Tate & Lyle Plc, Kerry Plc, Koninklijke DSM NV, and International Flavours & Fragrances Inc. are poised to capitalize on this growing market through innovation, quality products, and strategic pricing and distribution strategies.

Potential of Beta-Glucans

With scientific backing from over 120 studies and recognition from regulatory authorities like the FDA and EFSA, beta-glucans offer a compelling proposition for enhancing heart health naturally. BENEO’s Orafti®β-Fit stands out as a versatile ingredient, suitable for various applications ranging from bread to pasta, providing manufacturers with an affordable means of enriching their products with heart-healthy benefits.

For companies interested in leveraging the Heart-Check mark for their products, BENEO offers expertise and guidance throughout the certification process, ensuring compliance with the highest nutritional standards.

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