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Polyurethane Adhesives Market

Polyurethane Adhesives Market

Polyurethane Adhesives Market - Global Industry Assessment & Forecast

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Jan - 2022



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Segments Covered
  • By Type By Type Solvent-based Polyurethane Adhesives, Water-based Polyurethane Adhesives, Reactive polyurethane adhesives
  • By Technology By Technology Hot melt polyurethane adhesives, Reactive polyurethane adhesives, UV-cured polyurethane adhesives
  • By End-Use Industry By End-Use Industry Automotive, Construction, Packaging, Industrial Manufacturing, Electronics, Woodworking
  • By Application By Application Bonding, Sealing, Laminating, Coating, Potting, Encapsulating
  • By Region By Region North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa
Base YearBase Year: 2022
Forecast YearsForecast Years: 2023 - 2030
Historical YearsHistorical Years: 2017 - 2021
Revenue 2022Revenue 2022: USD 8.5 Billion
Revenue 2030Revenue 2030: USD 12.2 Billion
Revenue CAGRRevenue CAGR (2023 - 2030): 5.3%
Fastest Growing Region Fastest Growing Region (2023 - 2030) Asia Pacific
Largest Region Largest Region (2022): Asia Pacific
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Polyurethane Adhesives Market Share

The global Polyurethane Adhesives Market is valued at USD 8.5 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach a value of USD 12.2 Billion by 2030 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5.3% between 2023 and 2030.

Premium Insights

Polyurethane Adhesives are flexible and effective adhesives utilized in various industrial applications, including construction, automotive, transportation, furniture, and packaging. As a result of its capacity to attach a range of substrates, including plastics, metals, and wood, when other adhesives fail, the polyurethane adhesive industry has been gradually rising in recent years.

Polyurethane Adhesives Market Size, 2022 To 2030 (USD Billion)

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Several reasons have contributed to the premium insights of the polyurethane adhesive market, including an increase in demand from various end-user industries such as construction, packaging, and automotive. The construction industry is a key end-user of Polyurethane Adhesives because of the necessity for strong and long-lasting bonding solutions. Furthermore, expanding the automotive and packaging industries, particularly in developing nations, is pushing increased demand for these adhesives.

The increased emphasis on environmental sustainability is one of the primary drivers of the polyurethane adhesive industry. The development of bio-based Polyurethane Adhesives has resulted from a considerable shift towards eco-friendly and non-toxic adhesives. These adhesives are made from renewable materials and emit fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making them safer for the environment and humans.

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With China and India leading the way, the Asia Pacific area has developed as a major market for Polyurethane Adhesives. The region's expansion is being driven by rising demand for construction and automotive applications and an increase in the manufacturing and packaging industries. North America and Europe are additional important markets, owing to the presence of major producers and their diverse uses.

To summarize, various reasons drive the expansion of the polyurethane adhesive market, including environmental concerns, increased construction and automotive applications, and growth in the manufacturing and packaging industries. With the advancement of bio-based Polyurethane Adhesives, the market is positioned to expand further, providing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Economic Insights

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has hurt global financial markets. Fighting has disrupted global supply networks, raising food and gas prices and worrying many people about the future. These anxieties raised prices, slowing economic activity. This conflict has devastated Europe due to its energy dependence on Russia. Russia has struggled to sell oil due to EU sanctions. Energy price hikes have decreased consumer spending, raising European inflation.

Top Market Trends

  1. Growing Demand in Construction Industry: Polyurethane Adhesives have become a prominent bonding agent in the construction sector due to their great strength and endurance in connecting various substrates. The increasing usage of alternative building materials such as plastics, composites, and metals, which require specialized adhesives to enable efficient bonding, is driving the expanding demand for Polyurethane Adhesives in construction. Furthermore, the increasing use of green building practices and sustainable materials will likely drive demand for low-VOC Polyurethane Adhesives over the forecast period.
  2. Increasing Use in Automotive Industry: Polyurethane Adhesives are increasingly being used in the automotive sector for car assembly and maintenance. Because of their great bonding strength, resistance to heat and chemicals, and high durability, these adhesives are utilized in various applications, including connecting body panels, windscreens, and light assemblies. The growing use of lightweight and composite materials in the automobile industry will likely drive up demand for Polyurethane Adhesives even further.

Market Segmentation

The global Polyurethane Adhesives market is segmented based on: Type, Application, Technology, End-Use, and Region. Based on the Type, the market is further segmented into Solvent-based Polyurethane Adhesives, Water-based Polyurethane Adhesives, and Reactive Polyurethane Adhesives. Furthermore, based on the Application, the market is further bifurcated into Bonding, Sealing, Laminating, Coating, Potting, and Encapsulating. Based on Technology, the market is segmented into Hot melt Polyurethane Adhesives, Reactive Polyurethane Adhesives, and UV-cured Polyurethane Adhesives. Additionally, based on End-Use, the market is further divided into Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, Packaging, and Woodworking. Likewise, based on Region, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

Based on Type

Solvent-Based Polyurethane Adhesives Dominate the Market Due to their High-Performance Characteristics

Because of their high-performance properties, such as great adhesion, durability, and water resistance, solvent-based Polyurethane Adhesives dominate the market. Furthermore, solvent-based adhesives are less expensive and have a longer shelf life than other varieties. Solvent-based Polyurethane Adhesives are used in various industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, and packaging.

Based on Application

Bonding Segment Accounts for the Highest Market Share

Due to the increased demand for adhesive products in numerous sectors, the bonding category has been identified as the dominant application segment in the Polyurethane Adhesives Market. Because of their great durability, superior bonding qualities, and ability to tolerate harsh weather conditions, Polyurethane Adhesives have become popular in the furniture, construction, automotive, and transportation industries. Furthermore, expansion in the construction, automotive, and transportation industries is expected to increase demand for Polyurethane Adhesives. Furthermore, the increasing popularity of environmentally friendly, waterproof, and temperature-resistant adhesives will likely drive demand for polyurethane-based bonding products. As a result, for the foreseeable future, the bonding category is projected to maintain its dominance in the Polyurethane Adhesives Market.

Based on Technology

Reactive Polyurethane Adhesives Dominate the Market as they are Versatile and Can be Customized According to Particular Applications.

These adhesives have high bonding strength, hardness, and elasticity, making them suitable for various applications in the automotive, construction, and aerospace industries. Reactive Polyurethane Adhesives are also resistant to weathering, temperature changes, and chemical exposure, making them a good choice for outdoor applications. Furthermore, these adhesives cure rapidly and have excellent adherence to a wide range of surfaces, making them highly adaptable and allowing for widespread usage across various sectors. These characteristics make reactive Polyurethane Adhesives a preferable option to traditional adhesives, resulting in its market dominance.

Based on End-Use

The Construction Segment is Expected to Dominate the Market Due to the Increasing Construction Activities in Various Regions Worldwide

One of the most important end-use sectors for Polyurethane Adhesives is building. This is because these adhesives are widely used in various construction applications such as flooring, roofing, insulation, and panel bonding. The adhesive's distinct features, such as great resistance to water and temperature variations, make it perfect for use in construction applications. Furthermore, increased demand for high-performance adhesives in the construction industry will likely drive the expansion of the polyurethane adhesive market in the coming years. With the considerable expansion in the Asia Pacific construction industry and increased infrastructure development activities in developing nations, the construction segment is expected to dominate the polyurethane adhesive market over the forecast period.

Based on Region

The Asia Pacific region is the largest region in the Polyurethane Adhesives Market

Asia Pacific is the largest region of the polyurethane adhesive market, and it is predicted to increase significantly in the future years. This is due to factors such as rising adhesive demand in industries such as automotive, construction, and electronics and the expanding use of Polyurethane Adhesives in a wide range of applications. Furthermore, favorable government regulations in nations such as China and India will likely stimulate regional demand for Polyurethane Adhesives.

China is Asia Pacific's largest market for Polyurethane Adhesives, with considerable demand in the construction, automotive, and packaging industries. Increased infrastructure projects in the country will further drive growth in the polyurethane adhesive market. With many construction projects and a burgeoning automobile industry, India is also an important market in the area.

Another significant growth driver in the Asia Pacific polyurethane adhesive market is the packaging industry, with companies seeking more ecologically friendly and sustainable solutions. Polyurethane Adhesives are a fantastic choice for packaging applications due to their excellent bonding strength, durability, and resilience to extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Overall, the Asia Pacific polyurethane adhesive market will likely maintain its high development trajectory in the coming years, driven by rising demand across various industries and applications. Market leaders ' increased research and development spending is also projected to support innovation and growth in the region.

Competitive Landscape

Numerous international and regional actors compete fiercely on the global market. Major corporations engage in strategic alliances, mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures to acquire a market advantage. In addition, manufacturers concentrate on capacity expansions and R&D for new product development to offer consumers products that are on trend.

The key players in the global Polyurethane Adhesives market include - H.B. Fuller Company (U.S.), Henkel AG & CO. KGAA (Germany), 3M Company (U.S.), Sika AG (Switzerland), Arkema S.A. (France) among others.

Recent Market Developments

  • January 2023: H.B. Fuller (NYSE: FUL), one of the world’s leading adhesives suppliers, announces the launch of Swift®melt 1515-I, its first bio-compatible product compliant in IMEA – India, Middle East, and Africa. The product is for microporous medical tape applications to be used in stick-to-skin under unique climatic conditions, such as the high temperatures and humidity in the Indian sub-continent.
  • March 2022: Arkema S.A. acquired Ashland's Performance Adhesives business in the United States in March 2022 to increase its presence in the adhesive solution market.
  • January 2022: Danimer H.B. Fuller Company announced the acquisition of Apollo, the UK's largest independent manufacturer of liquid adhesives, coatings, and primers for the roofing, industrial, and construction markets. Apollo is intended to operate within H.B. Fuller's current construction adhesives and engineering adhesives business groups, bolstering the company's position in important high-value, high-margin sectors in the UK and Europe.

Segmentation of the Global Polyurethane Adhesives Market

Parameter Details
Segments Covered

By Type

  • Solvent-based Polyurethane Adhesives
  • Water-based Polyurethane Adhesives
  • Reactive polyurethane adhesives

By Technology

  • Hot melt polyurethane adhesives
  • Reactive polyurethane adhesives
  • UV-cured polyurethane adhesives

By End-Use Industry

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Woodworking

By Application

  • Bonding
  • Sealing
  • Laminating
  • Coating
  • Potting
  • Encapsulating

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

Regions & Countries Covered
  • North America - (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe - (U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Rest Of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific - (China, Japan, India, South Korea, South East Asia, Rest Of Asia Pacific)
  • Latin America - (Brazil, Argentina, Rest Of Latin America)
  • Middle East & Africa - (GCC Countries, South Africa, Rest Of Middle East & Africa)
Companies Covered
  • H.B. Fuller Company (U.S.)
  • Henkel AG & CO. KGAA (Germany)
  • 3M Company (U.S.)
  • Sika AG (Switzerland)
  • Arkema S.A. (France)
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Frequently Asked Question
  • The global Polyurethane Adhesives valued at USD 8.5 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 12.2 Billion in 2030 growing at a CAGR of 5.3%.

  • The prominent players in the market are H.B. Fuller Company (U.S.), Henkel AG & CO. KGAA (Germany), 3M Company (U.S.), Sika AG (Switzerland), Arkema S.A. (France).

  • The market is project to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% between 2023 and 2030.

  • The driving factors of the Polyurethane Adhesives include

    • Growing Demand for Polyurethane Adhesives in Automotive Industry to Drive growth of the Polyurethanes Adhesives Market

  • Asia Pacific was the leading regional segment of the Polyurethane Adhesives in 2022.