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Countertops Market

Countertops Market

Countertops Market - Global Industry Assessment & Forecast

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Jul - 2023



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Segments Covered
  • By Material By Material Granite, Quartz, Marble, Laminate, Concrete, Soapstone, Engineered Quartz, Stainless Steel, Wood, Other Materials
  • By End-User By End-User Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Other End Users
  • By Region By Region North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa
  • By Distribution Channel By Distribution Channel Online Retailers, Specialty Stores, Home improvement Centers, Direct Sales
Base YearBase Year: 2022
Forecast YearsForecast Years: 2023 - 2030
Historical YearsHistorical Years: 2017 - 2021
Revenue 2022Revenue 2022: USD 128.1 Billion
Revenue 2030Revenue 2030: USD 204.3 Billion
Revenue CAGRRevenue CAGR (2023 - 2030): 6.9%
Fastest Growing Region Fastest Growing Region (2023 - 2030) Asia Pacific
Largest Region Largest Region (2022): Asia Pacific
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Countertops Market Share

The global Countertops Market was valued at USD 128.1 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach a value of USD 204.3 Billion by 2030 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 6.9% between 2023 and 2030.

Premium Insights

The Countertops market is seeing rapid growth due to rising private spending on home modifications and a steady expansion in the residential building sector globally. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau, privately owned housing completions in November 2022 were at an annual pace of 12% over those in October 2022, which were at an annual rate of 6.3%. The Countertops market is a significant sector within the construction and remodelling industry, catering to both residential and commercial needs. Moreover factors such as increase in residential and commercial construction, increasing consumer spending, and a growing preference for visually pleasing kitchen and bathroom spaces, the Countertops market is currently seeing a rise in demand. Additionally, there is an increase in bank lending and mortgage refinancing, which expands the amount of credit available for remodelling existing residences, increasing demand for countertop products. For instance, lending banks offer home renovation loans for up to 90% of the project cost, which is gotten for repairing or expanding an existing house. A Discover poll conducted in March 2022 found that almost 80% of homeowners preferred renovating their present residence versus moving to a new one. Roughly 59% of homeowners in the millennial and Gen Z generations are either already working on house improvements or have plans to do so in the coming months.

Countertops Market Size, 2022 To 2030 (USD Billion)

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The rising demand for natural stone Countertops is one noticeable trend in the Countertops market. For their sturdiness, aesthetic appeal, and distinctive patterns, natural stones like granite and marble are preferred. Actually, the natural stone market sector has a sizeable market share, making up over 40% of the overall Countertops market. Countertops made of artificial stone, like quartz, have become very popular in addition to real stone. Additionally, New technological developments in the countertop sector have increased demand for contemporary Countertops that can be fitted over low-height furniture and cabinets. For instance, the National Kitchen and Bath Association has spent USD 147 billion on the best cabinetry platform and other interiors for the kitchen and bath.

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  • In 2022, Asia Pacific held more than 36.45% of global Countertops market revenue
  • The Middle East & Africa region is expected to witness the second-fastest growth rate from 2023 to 2030
  • In 2022, the granite material category led the market and held the largest share of more than 28%
  • More than 73% of total income in 2022 came from the residential sector, which made up the greatest portion of that total

Economic Insights

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Countertops market's growth was noticeably muted. The development of the Countertops sector was impeded by the lockdown limitations, industrial and building sites, and hotels redirecting their need to basic commodities. Countertop production drastically fell due to labour limitations and a shortage of raw materials in several countries. For instance, the research states that in the US, sales of cabinets and Countertops climbed by 7% in 2022, down from a gain of 16.3% in 2022 as demand rebounded from the pandemic-induced slowdown. The research claims that as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to combat inflation, sales growth is waning. According to recent patterns, mortgage rates could conclude the year above 6% and have already surpassed 5%. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry is expanding rapidly because of rising global residential construction activity and rising private spending on home improvements. In brand-new homes and during kitchen renovations, Countertops are typically added.

Top Market Trends

  1. Increasing Demand for Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Countertop Materials: A noticeable trend towards environmentally friendly and sustainable materials is currently visible in the countertop sector. Consumers are increasingly drawn to Countertops produced from recycled or renewable materials as they become more concerned about climate change and the need for eco-friendly solutions. Materials with little environmental effect are becoming more and more popular. Examples include bamboo, repurposed wood, recycled glass, and engineered quartz. This pattern illustrates a movement in the Countertops market towards more responsible and thoughtful purchase choices.
  2. Rising Popularity of Low-Maintenance and Durable Countertop Surfaces: Demand for long-lasting, low-maintenance surfaces is another key development in the Countertops market. Both residential and commercial property owners are looking for Countertops that are durable and low maintenance. Quartz Countertops have gained popularity because they are non-porous, resistant to stains and scratches, and don't need to be sealed. In addition, engineered stone surfaces, including porcelain and ceramic Countertops, are becoming more popular due to their robustness, ease of maintenance, and resilience to heat and impact.
  3. Growing Preference for Customization and Unique Design Options: Customization and distinctive design options are becoming increasingly popular in the countertop sector. Customers are increasingly looking for Countertops that highlight their individuality and personal flair. The popularity of custom-made Countertops, which come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, is a result of this trend. Custom-made Countertops provide homeowners and designers the freedom to produce distinctive and personalized environments with everything from vivid and dramatic patterns to simple and understated ones. The Countertops market's innovation and originality are being driven by this trend.

Market Segmentation

The global Countertops market can be segmented based on the following: Material Type, End-User, Distribution Channel, and Regions. Based on the Material Type, the market can be categorized into Granite, Quartz, Marble, Laminate, Concrete, Soapstone, Engineered Quartz, Stainless Steel, Wood, and Other Materials. Additionally, by End-User, the market can be split into Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Other End-Users. Based on Distribution Channels, the market can be categorized as Online Retailers, Specialty Stores, Home Improvement Centers, Direct Sales, and Other Distribution Channels. Likewise, based on Region, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

Based on the Material Type

Granite Counters are Renowned for their Longevity and Low Maintenance Requirements, Making them an Ideal Choice for Busy Households and High-Traffic Areas

Due to its distinctive combination of sturdiness, elegance, and natural aesthetics, granite continues to be the material of choice for Countertops. Due to their durability to heat, stains, and scratches, granite worktops have become extremely popular among households and businesses. In 2022, the granite material segment dominated the market in terms of revenue, holding the largest share of more than 28%. Its customizable options for color and pattern ensure compatibility with a wide range of interior design styles. Granite Countertops are a great option for busy homes and high-traffic areas because of their durability and low maintenance requirements. As a result, granite keeps holding onto its monopoly position in the Countertops market, providing discerning customers with a classy and timeless option.

Based on End-User

Increased Emphasis on Interior Aesthetics has further Contributed to the Dominance of the Residential Segment

In the Countertops market, the residential end-user segment has taken the lead. Due to rising disposable incomes and a growing emphasis on enhancing living spaces, homeowners are spending more money on kitchen and bathroom renovations. More than 73% of total revenue in 2022 came from the residential segment, which is anticipated to increase at a consistent CAGR from 2023 to 2030. Apartments and single-family homes are both experiencing a rise in the demand for Countertops to make their bathrooms and kitchens more fashionable and practical. The dominance of the residential segment has also been aided by the rising popularity of open-concept layouts and the emphasis on interior design. The residential sector is anticipated to continue being the primary engine of growth in the Countertops market because homeowners prioritize long-lasting materials, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

Based on Distribution Channel

Specialty Stores Provide Convenience and Accessibility for Customers to Explore Various Materials

In the Countertops market, specialty stores have taken the lead as the primary distribution channel. These specialized businesses offer customers a wide selection of countertop material options, individualized service, and professional guidance. Customers can conveniently and easily explore a variety of materials, finishes, and design options at specialty stores, enabling them to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, these shops frequently collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers, guaranteeing the availability of premium products at reasonable prices. The dominance of specialty stores as the preferred distribution channel for Countertops is cemented by their proficiency in meeting the specific needs of countertop customers and their committed focus on offering a wide range of products.

Based on Region

Asia Pacific dominated the industry in 2022 and accounted for the largest share of more than 36.45% of the overall revenue. Sales of Countertops are expected to increase in the Asia-Pacific region during the forecast period, particularly in developing nations like China and India.The expansion of this market in the area is due to a number of factors. First, there has been a surge in construction activities, including residential and commercial buildings, as a result of rapid urbanization and rising disposable income levels. As a result, Countertops are becoming more and more in demand in these emerging markets. In addition, the region's demand for high-quality Countertops has grown as a result of a shift towards modern and opulent interiors that are influenced by Western lifestyle trends. The market for Countertops is expanding as more and more homeowners look for aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting surfaces for their kitchens and bathrooms. The demand for environmentally friendly Countertops in the Asia-Pacific region has also been boosted by the growing awareness of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Customers are choosing products made from recyclable materials or renewable resources as they become more aware of the effects their purchasing decisions have on the environment. The expansion of the Countertops market has also been aided by the region's growing number of hotels, restaurants, and food service facilities. For their kitchens and dining areas, these businesses need tough, sanitary surfaces, which significantly increases the demand for Countertops. Overall, the growth of the hospitality sector, urbanization, shifting lifestyle preferences, environmental consciousness, and other factors will make Asia-Pacific the largest region for Countertops in 2022.

Competitive Landscape

Numerous international and regional actors compete fiercely on the global market. Major corporations engage in strategic alliances, mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures to acquire a market advantage. In addition, manufacturers concentrate on capacity expansions and R&D for new product development to offer consumers products that are on trend. Wilsonart LLC, Cambria Company LLC, and Caesarstone Ltd. are a few notable market participants. Through the creation of cutting-edge technology, distinctive designs, and premium materials, these businesses are consistently working to innovate and set themselves apart from the competition. In order to strengthen their positions and broaden their global presence, major players are also collaborating, merging, and buying other companies.

The key players in the global Countertops market include - Arborite (Canada), Cambria (U.S.), Aristech Surfaces LLC (U.S.), Wilsonart LLC (U.S.), Caesarstone (Israel), Formica (U.S.), Cosentino SA (Spain), M S International Inc. (UK), Daltile (U.S.), ROSSKOPF + PARTNER AG (Germany), Masco Corp. (U.S.) among others.

Recent Market Developments

  • May 2023: The Cambria released three innovative designs to the market: Hailey, Brittanicca Gold Cool, and Harlow. On May 10, shipping got underway, solidifying Cambria's position as the leading manufacturer of quartz surfaces made in the United States.
  • June 2023: From a new natural matte finish to beautiful dark stone designs and modern concrete styles, Wilsonart, a world-leading engineered surfaces company, is blending beauty and performance with new surface introductions designed to deliver your vision. The nature-inspired, real-world-ready surfaces offer high-impact style and performance for both residential and commercial environments. New designs across three collections including Wilsonart Quartz, Wilsonart Solid Surface, and Wilsonart THINSCAPE Performance Tops, deliver the ultimate portfolio of offerings for every taste, space, and budget.
  • August 2022: Wilsonart LLC, a world-class innovator of engineered surfaces, was named a winner of Kitchen & Bath Business (KBB) magazine’s 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards. The company has been voted as the top kitchen countertop brand in the Readers’ Choice Awards for the second consecutive year.

Segmentation of the Global Countertops Market

Parameter Details
Segments Covered

By Material

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Laminate
  • Concrete
  • Soapstone
  • Engineered Quartz
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood
  • Other Materials

By End-User

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Other End Users

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

By Distribution Channel

  • Online Retailers
  • Specialty Stores
  • Home improvement Centers
  • Direct Sales

Regions & Countries Covered
  • North America - (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe - (U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Rest Of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific - (China, Japan, India, South Korea, South East Asia, Rest Of Asia Pacific)
  • Latin America - (Brazil, Argentina, Rest Of Latin America)
  • Middle East & Africa - (GCC Countries, South Africa, Rest Of Middle East & Africa)
Companies Covered
  • Arborite (Canada)
  • Cambria (U.S.)
  • Aristech Surfaces LLC (U.S.)
  • Wilsonart LLC (U.S.)
  • Caesarstone (Israel)
  • Formica (U.S.)
  • Cosentino SA (Spain)
  • M S International Inc. (UK)
  • Daltile (U.S.)
  • Masco Corp. (U.S.)
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Frequently Asked Question
  • The global Countertops valued at USD 128.1 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 204.3 Billion in 2030 growing at a CAGR of 6.9%.

  • The prominent players in the market are Arborite (Canada), Cambria (U.S.), Aristech Surfaces LLC (U.S.), Wilsonart LLC (U.S.), Caesarstone (Israel), Formica (U.S.), Cosentino SA (Spain), M S International Inc. (UK), Daltile (U.S.), ROSSKOPF + PARTNER AG (Germany), Masco Corp. (U.S.).

  • The market is project to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% between 2023 and 2030.

  • The driving factors of the Countertops include

    • Rising Investments in Refurbishing and Remodeling Building Construction Infrastructure to Drive Growth

  • Asia Pacific was the leading regional segment of the Countertops in 2022.