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Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmets Market – Provision of Multi-functionality of these Helmets is Expected to Lead the Market Growth – Growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 13.9% from 2022 to 2028

  • Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmets Market

As stated in our extensive report, the Global Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmets Market accounted forUSD 7.1 Billionin the year 2021.

Helmets, regularly called motorbike helmets or motorcycle helmets, are portions of defense devices worn with the aid of using motorcyclists to guard their heads in the case of an accident. To provide top-rated safety, the helmet is supposed to match the shape of the 10;Excessive acceleration or deceleration, in addition to direct touch with stiff objects, can bring about a bike crash and extreme head injuries. These helmets are used for many functions, such as stopping cracks and severe weather, growing visibility, and accommodating conversation gear. These helmets can provide first-class head safety for motorcyclists. Helmets are the most straightforward protection device that has been demonstrated to save lives even if an individual is not in his best fitness.

One of the key drivers of the market is the government's strict road safety norms. Governments strictly regulate helmet use in both developed and developing countries around the world. To promote traffic safety, the Indian government has implemented legislation requiring the usage of helmets in Tier II and Tier III cities. The market for motorcycle helmets is predicted to rise as low- and middle-income nations' sales of electric motorbikes and bicycles increase. The growing popularity of motorcycles during racing events and competitions and the growing desire for luxury bikes are some of the primary reasons driving consumer demand and expanding the potential for bike helmet producers.

Market expansion is projected to be fueled by increased awareness and efforts to promote driving safety. A primary driver is the expanding consumer preference for the booming automotive industry and high-quality safety systems. In addition, consumers are becoming more aware of luxury motorcycle helmets' greater comfort and safety, which is driving the sales. Throughout the projected period, these factors are expected to fuel the Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmets Market expansion. Sports bikes are growing increasingly popular among young people due to the availability of a wide range of product modification 10;The racing event, as well as numerous clubs and cyclist groups, provide a venue for cyclists to show off their skills and represent the community while emphasizing ethical driving and road safety. This highlights the significance of wearing a helmet. These factors are propelling the motorbike market forward.

Asia Pacificis dominated the growth of the Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmets Market in 2021. Advertising, sponsorships, dealer promotions, drivers, teams, and operators from well-known automakers such as Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, and Suzuki are all present in this region. The increase of the customer base and the development of lightweight & technologically advanced features of helmets, the popularity of national and international motorcycle events, and racing championships are expected to propel the Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmets Market expansion in this region. These factors are propelling the Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmets Market in this region.

Some of the prominent players in the Global Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmets Market include- Dainese S. P. A., HJC Europe , Shoei Co. Ltd, Arai Helmet Ltd, Alpinestars S. P. A., Schuberth GmbH BELL HELMET, FOX, STUDDS Accessories Limited, Royal Enfield, Caberg S. P. A. and others.