Medical Holographic Imaging

Medical Holographic Imaging Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 28.5% from 2022 to 2028

  • Medical Holographic Imaging Market

As stated in our extensive report, providing insights on Type and Applications, theGlobalMedical Holographic Imaging Marketaccounted for USD 3,898.1 Million in 2020.

Medical Holography is generally used to frame 3D pictures of the human anatomy. 3D holography in medical science is used to symbolize complex 3D structures which are beneficial for medical research, medical imaging, and medical education & training. The holography items covered in the report include holography microscopes, holography displays, holography software, holography prints, and horoscopes.

Medical Holography has come out as one of the key promising apparatuses for the medical sector. Medical Holographic techniques have continued their applications in medical research, medical education, and life sciences. The use of holographic projection and imaging has resulted in huge changes in the area of medical education & training and biomedical research.

Additionally, to medical research and imaging, digital holograms and holographic display technology are used extensively in the hospital teaching and education industry. 3D visualization via holography items creates an interactive and interesting learning environment as holography assists in retaining more data compared to other techniques. With rising locus on structural biology in schools of medical science, several players in the market are focusing on growing holography software and holographic prints to be used for medical training and teaching applications. Associations have made a 3D kit for doctors and medical students that will help them to dissections and practice surgeries without needing organs and real bodies.

Each pixel, a growing player in the Medical Holographic Imaging Market, launched True3D Viewer - a new generation of medical visualization software. This software changes anatomical information from patients into three-dimensional fully interactive virtual reality images and with these innovations, holography in medical science is being used increasingly for hospital teaching, healthcare research, and medical education. The rising applications of techniques in holographic, combined with their benefits, have facilitated their adoption in schools and universities, research labs, and hospitals across the world.

North America is the largest market in Medical Holographic Imaging Market. The rising adoption of devices that are technologically advanced, innovations and product launches, and the rising incidences of chronic diseases are expected to fuel the growth of the market. Furthermore, key players in the market in the nation are focusing on launching and developing new products, which can fuel the market growth. In September 2020, SentiAR received US FDA 510(k) clearance for its groundbreaking CommandEP system, the holographic guidance system to be used during an invasive cardiac procedure. In September 2019, EchoPixel introduced its 3D Holographic Intraoperative Software to provide naked-eye, touchless, and interactive 3D anatomical imaging to support structural heart procedures in the cath lab, operating room (OR), and hybrid OR.

Some of the prominent players operating in the Global Medical Holographic Imaging Marketare EchoPixel, Inc. (US), RealView Imaging Ltd. (Israel), Mach7 Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Australia), Ovizio Imaging Systems (Belgium), Holoxica Ltd. (UK), zSpace, Inc. (US), Lyncée Tec (Switzerland), Eon Reality (US), Zebra Imaging (US), Nanolive SA (Switzerland), and Holografika Kft. (Hungary).