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Medical Carts Market – Rising Usage of Electronic Medical Record Systems is Expected to Lead the Market Growth – Growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 16.5% from 2022 to 2028

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As stated in our extensive report; the Global Medical Carts Market accounted forUSD 2.1 Billionin 2021.

The overall Medical Carts Market is to elevate rapidly during the forecast period owing to critical factors such as the increasing geriatric population base that is more prone to age-related diseases. Medical Carts are a vital component of hospital furniture infrastructure, which are used in keeping and carrying all essential medical supplies next to the patient. In addition, they are utilized for medical help with simplifying the processes like recording data such as EMRs, supplies, and patient information to achieve better health outcomes at lower costs, storing dispensed equipment, and standardized practices. They are medical trolleys and workstations containing trays, compartments, and a set of drawers that assist the transport of healthcare providers and give out emergency supplies & medical devices. Common Medical Carts include bedside carts, medication carts, IV carts, crash carts, isolation carts, anesthesia carts, and procedure carts.

Key factors influencing Medical Carts Market Growth

The growth of the Global Medical Carts Market can be attributable to the following:-

  1. The surge in hospitalizations due to the increased prevalence and rising incidence rates of different chronic and acute diseases worldwide are driving the expansion of this 160;
  2. The rising geriatric population and increasing incidence of chronic diseases are other primary drivers of the medical carts market.
  3. The adoption of automation with the reduction in labor costs worldwide will propel the market demand for Medical Carts in the coming years.
  4. The presence of various emergency care units and the high use of Medical Carts in these units, as these carts are set with medical devices, supplies, or drugs used in emergencies, is likely to increase product demand, fuelling the market growth in the future.
  5. Various market participants and governmental bodies invest more in the healthcare sector to increase patient safety and care. This investment in the healthcare sector enables promising economies to broadly approve technologically cutting-edge products and technology such as Medical Carts.
  6. Growth in the number of hospitals and healthcare facilities improved access to healthcare in developing countries, and novel product development will likely provide growth prospects for the Medical Carts Market in the forecast period.

On the other hand, the risk of hazardous interaction between drugs stored in Medical Carts and the increase in the cost of medical care maintenance, along with the high price of specialty carts, are restraining factors that might hinder the Medical Carts Market growth in the future.

North America Region to Capture the Market

North Americaholds the most considerable market revenue in theMedical Carts Market and is projected to continue during the forecast period. This surge is due to the growth in the capacity of hospitals, and growing hospital admissions led to high demand for Medical Carts in the region. Also,the adoption of patient engagement solutions and growth in awareness among healthcare professionals is likely to drive the region’s market growth of Medical Carts. The United States dominated theNorth AmericaMedical Carts Market with a maximum growth rate. Moreover,an enormous increase has been witnessed in adopting Medical Carts at healthcare facilities owing to the increased admissions of patients infected with coronavirus, which will fuel this market growth in this region. Advancements in technologies by leading companies based in the U.S. are anticipated to propel the demand.


As perour latest market study,the main drivers of this market are increasing awareness about the benefits of using medical carts, increasing demand from healthcare establishments, and increasing adoption of automated medical procedures.

Some of the key players in the Global Medical Carts Market include- Ergotron Inc, ITD GmbH, Capsa Healthcare, Enovate Medical, Touch Point Medical, JACO Inc., Advantech Co. Ltd, Harloff Manufacturing Co., Medline Industries Inc., Armstrong Medical Inc., McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc., Omni cell Inc., Altus Health Systems, Compu Caddy, GCX Corporation, Parity Medical, Her go Ergonomic Support Systems Inc., Performance Health (formerly Patterson Medical), Market Lab Inc. and others.