Growing Health Concerns Are Highlighting The Infant Incubators Market

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The infant incubators are the specialized chambers, primary used for protecting premature babies. The new born infants with conditions like low weight, neonatal hypothermia and genetic defects requires intensive care provided by the infant incubators. The prematurely born babies need protection from dust, noise and infections. The infant incubators keep the new born babies warm and facilitate better intake of oxygen by the babies. Additionally, they aid the fast recovery from the sickness and eliminates chances of infection.

Infant Incubators Market Dynamics, Trends and Regional Dominance

The premature infants are highly susceptible to the external infections. The rise in number of premature birth cases across many countries in the world is primary driving factor for the increasing demand of the infant incubators. The neonatal care is increasingly gaining attention owing to rising concerns for the infant safety. The increasing healthcare expenditure and advancement in healthcare facility by leading economies such as the U.S., the U.K., Canada, China, Japan, India, and others are further expected to strengthen the market global infant incubators demand. The increasing installations NICU units at hospitals and maternity centres are propelling the growth of the infant incubator market. The higher rate of preterm infant survival is bolstering the demand for the infant incubators. The pandemic has increased the healthcare expenditure owing to the growing health concerns. This increased healthcare expenditure estimated to drive the infant incubators market growth in the coming future.

The infant incubators are broadly classified as the Transport Infant Incubator and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Incubator (NICU). The NICU incubators are widely being adopted for the infant care and health recovery. The upsurge in chances of survival of the new born babies with medical complications are fuelling the demand for the NICU incubators.

The companies involved in manufacturing and supply of infant incubators are General Electric Company, Inspiration Healthcare Group Plc, Atom Medical Corporation, Phoenix Medical Systems, Bistos Co. Ltd., Natus Medical Incorporated, Medicor, Mediprema SAS, Beijing Julongsanyou Technology 160; Ltd., And Cobams Plc among others. The manufactures are focusing on developing the infant incubators to provide intensive care to the preterm infants.The North America region is contributing to the largest market share of the infant incubators. The rising prevalence of the preterm infants in the region along with growth of neonatal care sector is creating lucrative growth opportunities for the Asia-Pacific and Europe region. The counties in Asia-Pacific such as India and China are having significant contribution in the infant incubators market. The developing and developing nations are prioritizing maternity and neonatal care by enhancing healthcare infrastructure.