Electronics Conformal Coating

Electronics Conformal Coating Market Anticipated to Reach USD 1182.69 Million by 2028

  • Electronics Conformal Coating Market

The market size of the is expected to reach USD 1182.69 Million by 2028, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.82% over the period 2022-2028. is a protective coating or polymer, designed to protect the topology of the circuit board and other electronic components from corrosion, and to improve service life. Compliant coatings are used to protect electronic components from dust, chemicals, moisture, and overheating. The methods of electronic conformal coating include brush coating, spray coating, and conformal coating immersion.

The growth of the industry is mainly driven by the intense demand for small electrical equipment, circuits, and advanced PCB-related applications. Due to the amazing combination of high performance and reliability of conformal coatings solution, a number of sectoral features such as defense & aerospace, maritime, automotive, and electronic use the appropriate level of protection. In fact, a promising need to improve high-performance applications, such as medical equipment, and the growing growth of PCB manufacturers with durable design with anti-corrosion-resistant features through the use of conformal coatings is recognized to improve market opportunities. Therefore, the increasing use of adherence to consumer electronics and portable consumer electronics products, as well as the integrated electronic circuit, printed circuit board construction, and many other types of applications, is estimated to boost the growth of the Market. The development of conformal coating technology assists various industries due to specially designed features, which provide complete protection in harsh working environments. In addition, expensive investments to achieve such an outcome and strong protective shields reduce the scope for medium-sized businesses. A few manufacturers of conformal coating are also investing in lowering production costs due to rising prices of raw materials in order to seek a more accurate level of quality solution. Therefore, the high price in terms of managing high-quality adhesive technology represents an obstacle to the growth of the Market.

By type, the Market is divided into acrylic, polyurethane, hybrid, silicone, epoxy, and others. The acrylic cover type is being analyzed to register the highest share by 2022 due to the flexible flexibility and common protection of board components and a wide range of applications. The acrylic coating is easy to use and also removable, considered a cheap option compared to others for various end-users. In March 2021, Axalta, the world's leading supplier of liquid and powder garments, introduced the Imron Industrial 2100 HG-C high-gloss clearcoat in its highly portable Imron Industrial portfolio in North America. The Imron Industrial 2100 HG-C high-gloss clearcoat is designed to repair damaged areas quickly as it melts quickly and moves smoothly. The new clear coat is based on Axalta resin patent technology and manufactures both polyester and acrylic urethane structures to provide high-performance applications. Therefore, the growing need to combine industry data with the introduction of clearcoat formulas is estimated to drive the Market.

Asia Pacific dominated the Market in 2021 with a 41.81% stake, thanks to a growing market for electronic consumers, leading to the establishment of a large number of PCB manufacturers. Inclusively, the global Market is spread over regions of Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa.

Product presentation, acquisition, and Research and Development (R&D) activities are key strategies taken by players in the Market. Leading companies in the Market include Illinois Tool Work (US), Henkel (Germany), Dow (US), H.B. Fuller (US), Shin-Etsu Chemical (Japan), Electrolube (UK), Dymax Corporation (US), Chase Corporation (US), Specialty Coating System (US), and MG Chemical (Canada)..