Technological Advancements to Promote Global Agri-Genomics Market Growth

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As stated in our extensive report, providing insights on type, application, function, geography, the global Agri-Genomics marketaccounted for USD 13.12 billion in 2020.

Agri-Genomics is described as the subject of the genetic composition of agriculture and livestock and how genes affect the outcome. The application of genomics in agriculture allows development in sustainability and potency in livestock and crop generation. Important improvements in technology driving to a switch from single-gene sequencing to whole-genome sequencing, and an improvement in a study on genome structure and gene faculty provide to the increase of the Agri-Genomics market.

The Agri-Genomics market is growing due to technological improvements in operations & assistance of implemented genomics, conclusive increase in the performance and productivity of modern agricultural practices, higher availability of reference genomes, and usage of genotyping for genome-wide identification studies, genomic forecast, and culture of gene-edited elite cultivars with excellent traits, like high yield, pressure tolerance, and pest protection along with high milk and meat yields, good health, and improved productivity of livestock.

COVID-19 is a global public health crisis that has affected every industry, and the long-term effects are predicted to impact the business growth during the projected period. The ongoing Agri-Genomics based research expands the research structure to ensure the addition of underlying COVID-19 issues in the future.

Different crop pests lead to the reduction, affecting global crop damages annually. With the Agri-Genomics technologies constantly being improved to fight pest outbreaks, they are also managing the expansion of advanced strains of 10;The volume of losses is major in crops. Thus, Agri-Genomics is the approach adopted by producers to satisfy global food demand.

North America is expected to expand the market for the fastest growth during the forecast period. notable technological advancements, well-established health care support, and management support for research and development in the area of Agri-Genomics lowering prices of sequencing methodologies, and technological innovations driving the market growth in the North American 160;

Some of the prominent players of Agri-Genomics market are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Biogenetic Services, Inc., GalSeq Srl Via Italia, Agri-Genomics, 10;Edico Genome, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Illumina, Inc., Affymetrix, Eurofins Scientific SE, Sci-Genom Labs Pvt. Ltd., Neogen Corporation, among others.