Vantage Market Research Helped a USA-Based Composite Mats Manufacturer in Expanding its Product Offering across the Country

Problem Statement

The client wanted to expand its business across the United States with its composite mat products. Moreover, the client also wanted to have a close look at end-use industries where composite mats are majorly used across US states.


VMR helped the client in identifying the key US states where he can invest and expand its product offerings. Moreover, VMR assisted the client by providing an extensive analysis of all the US states composite mats market sizing in terms of revenue with a detailed analysis for End Use and Application segments of composite mats. VMR provided a detailed competitive analysis for the US composite mats market.


The detailed analysis of the US Composite Mats along with States helped the client in identifying the key opportunities for composite mats in the states. Moreover, the competitive analysis helped the client in identifying its position with respect to other key players in the US market and changed its business strategy accordingly.